Welcome to Fontana Community Assistance Program

About Us

CAP New Look For Life (Clothes Closet):
We provide interview clothing that has been donated to us for men and women in a variety of sizes.  This program has been created to assist those who are in need, and give them the confidence to walk through that door to the interview with a New Look For Life.

CAP Class:
CAP is looking for new ways to help the people in the community. At the present time, we are considering offering the following free classes to the public:  Preparing a Resume, Filling Out a Job Application, Low-Cost Nutritional Meals, How to Keep Your Kids From Being Dropouts (Stay in School), Parenting Skills, How to Look For a Job, Learning to Live Within My Means, Finding Free or Low-Cost Healthcare for Your Child.

If you are interested in leading one of these classes or could recommend an experienced instructor, please contact me so we can work on a schedule. We need volunteers to make this a successful program for our community.

CAP Meeting:
I would like to invite your organization to participate in our Community Assistance Program (CAP) monthly meetings. CAP is designed to assist people in need by referring them to available resources like you. You will have an opportunity to share information about your organization and be able to network with others. CAP monthly meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month from 9:00-11:00 a.m. at at Fontana City Hall,  8353 Sierra Avenue  Fontana, CA 92335 in the Flex Conference Room. During each meeting, service providers share resources and ideas with the ultimate goal of providing assistance to citizens in need. It's a great way for non-profits, schools, churches, and government personnel to get acquainted and network.

Calendar Page:
The calendar page on this website lists events and activates which you can advertise to the public. This is a free service for community assistance events: just email your information to us and we'll post it. All we need is the event date, time, location, and a contact name and phone number.


Community Resource List:
Our website also has a resource page which categorizes various organizations and their services. I would appreciate it if you would verify that your organization is in the correct category and the phone number is correct. Please include a short (30 words or less) description of the specific services you provide to make our website more user-friendly. Also, if you provide your website address, we will link users to back to your website. Feel free to email me with this information. If you are a new organization and would like to be added please provide your email address, website URL, physical address, phone number and a 30 word summary of your organization.